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Just recently I switched my hard drives to a larger size. I put windows 7 on and moved on to restoring files that i backed up on my WD 1130 2TB external. I plug it in and it shows in the bottom right corner that it is installing drivers as normal, but it will not show the drive in "My Computer". a few minutes after leaving it plugged in, it popped up saying that i need to reformat. I then plugged the HD into another computer, hit properties, and low and behold, it tells me that i have 0 bytes out of 0 bytes. I know I have several hundred GB of music i have produced, graphics that ive made, a the beginnings of a portfolio... all i do not want to loose of course. How in the world can i retrieve this information? Please help. Thank you.
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  1. Try this program and it is free to recover your data.
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