Asus m4n72-e and trouble powering up

I am trying to fix my friends computer which uses an asus m4n72-e motherboard and evga gtx 275 video card. When I power on the motheboard (I have the board on a box and use a screwdriver to short power pins) the cpu fan spins up then stops, spins up then stops.

Am I missing something trivial here like a power connection? I have tried 2 different power supplies with this. At this point I am just assuming that the motherboard is bad.
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  1. Do you have a motherboard speaker? Any beep code?
  2. Theres no speaker on it =(. No codes whatsoever.
  3. Have you checked the specs on the 2 PSUs, to make sure they're big enough for the gtx 275?

    It's probably a good idea to get a motherboard speaker. It could be giving a beep code that you aren't hearing.
  4. The motheboard doesn't even have pins for a speaker next to power and reset like most do. The PSUs have been 650 and 700W.
  5. The wattage of the PSUs don't mean much. The manufacturer and size of the 12v rails is what you want to look at.
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