Rampage II Extreme Memory Issue?

I just recently built a new system, going back Intel for the first time in many years.

Asus Rampage II Extreme
Intel i7 920 (currently @3.7 and growing)
6gb Corsair Ballistix DDR3 1333Mhz
2x GTX 260 video

Everything's rock solid so far, but Im having an issue with ram being recognized. I noticed since the first start up that windows 7 64-bit was reporting only 4gb of ram, but I assumed this was just a display issue and would be resolved when fully updated. It wasnt. Upon doing some more looking, resource monitor also shows only 4gb of ram installed. CPU-Z shows all 6gbs working, and the LEDs on all 3 chips are working, so I know they are seated properly.

Upon booting into the rampage's bios, I noticed that under System Information, it also only shows 4gb of usuable ram installed. The board supports up to 12GB of ram, I have the most current BIOS already installed, so Im at a loss as to why cpuz shows it correctly, but nothing else seems to.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Just a quick update with screenshots to prove Im not crazy. Unable to find any information anywhere. As you can see, cpu-z clearly shows 6gb of memory in triple channel configuration. Nothing I do will make bios or windows show more than 4gb. Memtest86+ v 4 only reports 4gb as well.

  2. For those interested in the "possible" resolution to this, i believe the issue may have been power related. Im running a thermaltake 700W psu, which I realize was probably on the edge of what I needed, yet was having no stability issues at all. The only thing I DID notice, was that under a stability test, rather than the core voltage sitting steady at 1.2, it would drop just a bit, to 1.18 or so. Not having used Intel for many years, I originally thought this was normal.

    I yanked out the 2nd video card to check on the power issue theory. All 6gbs of ram are now showing everywhere they should be. I guess Im now in the market for a bigger psu, if I want to continue running SLI.
  3. Never mind, I spoke to soon. The computer rebooted itself a few minutes later, went back to seeing only 4gb of ram. It's obviously either the ram or the board at this point. Joy.
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