Which 4870 non-reference design?

Hello guys, I am seeking opinion on which 4870 non-reference design that I should purchase. They will be listed in the poll.

Also, could you please list out the pros?

You can include, but not limited to warranty, factory overclocked, price, lower power consumption, cooler, quieter and so on.
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  1. Does XFX make one that you are looking at? I think most consider them to have the best warranty. I've had Asus, XFX, and Sapphire ATI cards, and all have worked great. My XFX 4850 runs very cool and quiet. I have used my Asus warranty before (for a Mobo) and they were good, though I have heard others with worse luck than mine.
  2. Actually, on a quick browse I didn't really see any great XFX ones, but check yourself. As for the ones on the list, I was considering a Vapor-X before I got my XFX. Their cards are pretty good, though I have heard complaints about their service. The Vapor-X you list is a 2 GB, which if it is the same price as the others it would be best. However, for most games it is probably overkill. What system are you planning to pair it up with and what would you like to do on it?
  3. My monitor's resolution is 1920x1200. Shops here only sell what's stated on the list. Actually, I believe the Sapphire Toxic is a slightly overclocked Vapor-X card. Correct me if I'm wrong. XFX is sold here but did not really catch my attention.

    Also, let me add that I do moderate gamings. I do a lot more graphical work (Photoshop and MS Expression Studio) and programming. I prefer quieter and cooler card. Overclock is not necessary but good warranty and service is a plus. Cheers guys.
  4. Yes, you are right. What are the prices (comparitively) for where you live? Personally, I'd go for the Vapor-X 1GB, as 2GB is overkill. Though if they don't have that, the Toxic's cooling looks great, though it also looks kind of pricey. Whichever you choose, try to get one that exhausts at least most of the air out the back (Which at least the Sapphires do).
  5. Thank you EXT64 :D
    I am looking for more votes and see how it goes. Sapphire 1GB will be on top of my list for now. Can't wait for the result at the end of the poll.

    To answer your question, price is not really a problem as I can accommodate even a 4890 in my budget which I believe is an overkill because I have a crossfire board. I can drop another 4870 in anytime if I have to. The 2GB version is around US$30 more expensive than the 1GB version.
  6. Ok, that makes sense. It does raise an interesting question though. With 1 4870, 2GB is overkill I think. With 2, 2GB each might be less of an overkill. I think though in most cases (especially at your resolution) 1GB will be sufficient. The exception to 'most cases' would be games with super high/uncompressed textures (like a modded Oblivion, for example) but I doubt that will be an issue, just something to consider. I think normally though the Extra speed of the Toxic will be better than the extra ram of the Vapor-X.
  7. If quiet, cool and power efficient are what you are after I'd go for an HD4770. It's likely still more than capable for your purposes and I suppose you could always add another later if you decide it is lacking.
  8. jyjjy said:
    If quiet, cool and power efficient are what you are after I'd go for an HD4770. It's likely still more than capable for your purposes and I suppose you could always add another later if you decide it is lacking.

    Well, he's playing at 1920x1200, so I think it's a bit out of the 4770's range. A 4870 would suit him better.

    I personally have the Sapphire Vapor-X 4870 1GB, and it's amazing. That Vapor-X cooler is a lot smaller than the other ones out there, but damned if it doesn't cool as good, if not better, than almost all of them. Overclocked to 800/1100, the stock cooler keeps my 4870 at 45C, and load at around 65C, in comparison to a Zalman VF900Cu that I tried for giggles. The Zalman's temps were around 70C idle and 105C load, which are RIDICULOUS! To me, anyways. :)

    Also, to the whole 2GB/1GB, the 1GB will be plenty. It's even enough for 2560x1600, so you'll be fine. Even a heavily modded Oblivion engine will fit in the 1GB envelope at that resolution.

    That's my two cents worth.

    Good luck!
  9. I have always been happy with the HIS cards I've used, with the dual-slot IceQ4 coolers on them. They are quiet, and exhaust their heat out of the case.
    Still, jyjjy may be on to something, depending on what you meant by "moderate gaming." If by moderate, you mean older titles, or casual games (flash-based and/or 2D) then you can select a lesser card. The 4850 is more powerful than the 4770, but actually costs a little less, or you might use a 4670, which is a cool and quiet card in part because it only sips power. If you meant you just don't play very much, but do play the latest, most demanding titles, then you may still want the 4870. What PSU do you have? A 4670 needs no auxilliary power, and will run even on fairly low wattage units, but for a 4870 you will want a quality (e.g. non-generic) 500W PSU; 450W for a 4850.
  10. @jtt283 I have Corsair TX750W which I believe is sufficient to power two HD4870. Sorry if I didn't make it clear. When saying moderate gaming, I meant that I do not play often but I still play the latest titles. I do not need the eye-candies but of course, if the card can hold it, I'd love to turn them on. Just to say, it's not a must, but won't hurt doing. The reason I am getting a HD4870 is that I want slight future proof (2 years maybe?) and at the same time value for money. Now that Cypress 5870 is out, HD4870's price will be driven down, not much but slightly more affordable than before. Also, I have a crossfire board, so might as well make use of it by having a not-so-overkill card and add another later @ x8 x8. As for the 4770, I will pass because I had a HD4850 before, now given to my brother. It was Gigabyte Zalman version, cool but loud.
  11. Yeah, i think you've made the right choice on a 4870. It is a solid card. in the past I may have recommended a 4850, but with how close the prices are between the two, you might as well get a 4870. And yes, that power supply is pleny for two 4870 for sure.
  12. Cheers EXT64. It seems that votes favor Sapphire's Toxic :)
  13. Instead of spending extra money on a 4870 with a more expensive cooler, spend it on a 4890 with a reference cooler. It's faster, will oc higher and idle cooler. If you have the money to spend, you should seriously consider a 5850.
  14. @orangegator
    Well, I am open to 4890 as well if it runs cooler and quieter. I don't mind spending a little more for it. I am not really looking for killer performance so the 5850 is really out of the equation UNLESS its price is close to the 4890 of course. However, by then the 4870 and 4890 would fall in price.
  15. Well, hopefully we will have more info on the 5850 next week. However, if the shortages continue, who knows when it will be available in reasonable amounts. I think its list is in the $259 range, so not a terrible amount more. The plus to it is of course DX11, which if you plan to keep these a while could be worth it. Unless you're in a big rush, definitely wait, although you will probably still get the 4870/90, maybe their prices will drop.
  16. Ah, plenty of power. Then I'd say the HIS is likely to run quietly.
  17. vapor x 4890 for the price of the 4870 toxic on newegg
  18. @EXT64
    I believe I can wait a week or two which is why I made the poll end in October. I am currently running on my 3 year old laptop, still rock solid :)


    Unfortunately, I do not live in US. How I wish newegg would operate in Asia. Good thing though, I could always negotiate with the retailer for better price. As of this writing, the pricing scheme is as follows:

    HD4870 1GB Toxic < HD4890 1GB VaporX < HD4870 2GB VaporX

    Let me add the rest of the cards to the mix:

    HIS HD4870 Fan < Sapphire HD4870 Toxic < Gigabyte HD4870 Zalman < Sapphire HD4890 VaporX < Sapphire HD4870 2GB VaporX < Asus 4870 DK < Palit HD4870 Sonic
  19. Well, that list helps some. Assuming you don't all of the sudden fall in love with 5850s, I'd say either the HIS or Sapphire 4870 for the low end (if you can even call it that) or the Sapphire 4890 Vapor X on the high end. All three should be pretty cool running, though the 4890 will use a tiny bit more power and of course get a little higher FPS in games.
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