Mobo not detecting ram speed, help!

Okay well I bought ram it's rated at something like 1600 but my motherboard is only recognizing it at 1300. How do I change it?



P.s. One of the comments on the motherboard was;

Cons: This is only a Con for the beginning system builder. It requires a trip to the BIOS to correctly set up high performance ram. It was running my DDR3-1600 at 1066 out of the box and had the voltage set too low as well. Its autodetect for the ram is very conservatively and underclocked. I normally run through the BIOS on first boot, so this is not really a bad thing, but first time or inexperienced builders should be aware of it.
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  1. Enter to the BIOS and set the CL, the voltage and all the other specifications manually.
  2. Problem is that I don't know what to set these to, I never done this before - how do I know what numbers they go to?
  3. I read it but it's just all mumble jumble that I don't understand. There is no easy way of doing this?
  4. No, if you want all the speed of your RAM, you need set manually in the BIOS and don't exist the "easy" way for do this.
  5. Hi! Sorry for asking another question on this thread.

    I have an Asus P4SD-LA motherboard and it does not recognize my ram at the proper speed. I had 3GB of pc3200 but now it detects it like pc2700. All sticks of ram are pc3200, and I checked them with CPU-Z.

    What could it be?
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