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So I just finished my first build today, installed windows 7 x64, and everything works great. I also ran Memtest, and Windows Memory Test and found I have hardware issues, which wasn't so great. I am assuming a bad stick of RAM as its only testing memory. Anyways, I talked to the people with Geek Squad at my local Best Buy about some issues I've been having with installs leading to errors. I guess I'd like some reassurance that this is because of the faulty stick, but my assumption and theirs as well is that anything I goto install, files I create and transfer is going to corrupt because my OS is corrupt from installing it with faulty RAM. So regardless of the bad stick removed I can still pull errors and have some bad data because the OS was installed with bad RAM. I am hoping that these new sticks fix the problem, but it still worries me with this being my first build. To sum up the questions that I'm looking for reassurance on...

Installing an OS with faulty RAM can lead to installed programs to be corrupt, with the faulty memory or not because windows itself is corrupt from the install?

Installing new RAM, reformating and installing a fresh version of Windows7 will fix my problem?

Is decent RAM for a beginner cost efficient build? and should I manually set the timings in BIOS to the same as the RAM?
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  1. You did not really come right out and say it but I assume memtest failed? If so then yes you need new memory. If you just finished a build why can't you RMA the failed memory?

    A failing stick in memtest does not automatically mean everything is corrupt. HOWEVER could become so and as such you need to replace the failing stick as soon as you can to avoid later headaches. I would also do a fresh install of 7 especially if you are having weird install errors.

    You didnt post any system specs so I have no way of knowing if that memory is compatible with your motherboard but if it is and you are sure it is then yes that Corsair memory is very good. It runs at JDEC standard timings of 5 5 5 18 at 1.9volts so the motherboard should default to that.
  2. Memtest failed, yes. Waiting to return the memory until the ones I ordered are here. I still need the comp for some work at home. I have the shipping label emailed to me already from the dist. so it goes out when the new gets here and i'll just take a credit when it does. My board and CPU came as a bundle, and it is this
  3. Bad ram can cause strange errors during install, or even not at all. It depends where the fault is, and if the install ever touches that part of the ram.

    1) It is unpredictable if part of the install is corrupt or not.
    2) Reinstalling with 100% good ram will fully start you from scratch.

    If you have one good stick, you can reinstall clean now using that stick only. When you install the replacement kit, windows will recognize the added ram with no problem.

    Go to the Corsair web site, and access their memory configurator.
    Enter your mobo and you will get a list of compatible ram. Your new kit should be on that list.

    Do not try to change the ram from the default settings unless you have to.
    Any real(vs. synthetic) performance differences will be negligible. (1-2%?) It is not worth it.

    ---good luck---
  4. Hello Schultze,
    Have you checked for Viruses ? Spyware? There may be something lurking there. Also make sure you shutdown processes unnecessarry running in the background.

    Thanks again,
    Microsoft Windows Client Support.
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