New build no POST. Either MoBo or CPU?


I get no POST and no boot on my new build. It is an ASUS M4A77TD Pro MoBo with Phenom 2 X2 550.

I have breadboarded the board with only CPU, PSU and MoBo and still no beeps. The PSU (OCZ stealthxstream 600w) I checked by using it to power another PC so I am less inclined to believe it is a PSU fault.

It is only my second build and one error I made in the build is that I plugged the floppy disk connector from the PSU into some pwr_fan pins - before I realised the fans would spin up and stop - would this have caused the board to fry?

I will test the cpu in my Dad's machine tonight as his is the only other AM3 board, can anyone reassure me that this can't kill his computer? I don't think it can.

(I've done everything on the checklist (stickied) that I can)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would love to get this working although I already have an RMA request in to ebuyer for the board. It's my girlfriends PC but I recommended the parts to her, I felt awful building it at her house to find it wouldn't boot!

Much appreciated,
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  1. Any ideas? Any delicious tidbits of wisdom for the new guy?
  2. You might have fried the motherboard, but it would be far more likely to fry only the fan power connection.
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