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I'm running a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 (ver 1.0). I installed a new HD as a second drive. Now when I try to boot I get "BOOT DISK ERROR". When I go into CMOS it sees only one of my two optical drives on IDE Channel 4 MASTER (about every other start up it show neither).

Primary drive with OS is plugged into SATA0.

I know my BIOS settings are probably off, but I am pretty clueless on those settings. Here is what I have in Advanced Settings:

HARD DISK BOOT PRIORITY nothing set, only option is Bootable Add-In Cards
First Boot Device [Hard Disk] no detail
Second Boot Device [Hard Disk] no detail
Third Boot Device [Hard Disk] no detail
Password Check [set up]
HDD SMART Capability [Disabled]
Limit CPUID to 3 [Disabled]
No-Execute Memory Priority [Enabled]
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) [Enabled]
CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2) [Enabled]
Virtualization Technology [Enabled]
Init Display First [PCI]

Integrated Peripherals Settings:

SATA AHCI Mode [Disabled]
SATA Port 0-1 Native Mode [Diabled]
USB Controller [Enabled]
USB 2.0 Controller [Enabled]
USB Keyboard Support [Disabled]
USB Mouse Support [Disabled]
Legacy USB Storage Detect [Enabled]
Azilia Codec [Enabled]
SMART LAN [Press Enter]
Onboard LAN Boot ROM [Disabled]
Onboard SATA/IDE Device [Enabled]
Onboard SATA/IDE Device Ctrl Mode [IDE]
Onboard Serial Port 1 [3F8/IRQ4]
Onboard Parallel Port [378/IRQ7]
Parallel Port Mode [SPP]

These are the fail-Safe Settings. I got the same problems after reset.

Also.....the lights for my optical drives are on, so I know they are getting power. However, when I try to open the drawers they won't open.

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  1. Init Display First [PCI] should be PCI-Express if you have a video card.

    I have an answer here:
  2. The former second hard disk may have had the boot sector on it.
    You would need to transfer the boot sector to the new hard disk, by cloning it with Acronis True Image for example.
  3. I also posted to your other thread. Suggest you have this one canceled or locked or something.
  4. when you installed the new drive it may have changed the boot order of your sata drives in the bios. you should look under the advanced tab or maybe integrated periferals section of your bios for the hard drive boot order tab and be sure you system drive is the first drive listed. look in your motherboard users manual for the location of this feature and how to change settings if you are not sure how to change settings in your bios
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