Where is BIOS in inspiron 3800 laptop

I am locked out of BIOS and I don't remember the password. Dell support tells me I need to replace the motherboard because BIOS is on a chip that cannot be accessed or reset. So is the BIOS and NVRAM on the motherboard or in the CPU?

Does anyone know a workaround this lockout?

My CPU is PIII, 700mhz, 256k, MMC2 in a Dell laptop Inspiron 3800. Dell says I can use PC133 144 pin so can I upgrade to 2 X 512mb for 1GB RAM?
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  1. You can try a program like this one http://www.pccmos.com/
    Use this at your OWN RISK!

    Here is more info http://www.vista123.net/content/how-reset-remove-clear-or-reveal-cmos-bios-security-password

    Good Luck
  2. knocknut: Thanks, I tried the pccmos.com download. Did not work. I had been through it with Dell giving me a bunch of passwords and not go. I tried your other suggestion about disconnecting CMOS battery for five minutes. No good. I've ordered a replacement motherboard on ebay. I think that's really crappy that the original owner of a computer can get locked out with no effective fix from the manufacturer that will get around it other than replacing the MOBO. That's a major MOFU. Thanks again for your time.
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