So who has been able to order a 58** series card ???

Just thought I'd see who else was able to order a card or card(s), seeing as how they are out of stock everywhere. My initial impressions were a paper launch, but I'm starting to think there is just TONS of enthusiasm, and desire to pick these cards up, what are your thoughts ?

BTW I was able to order two 5870's at about 1AM last night at newegg, they sold out about 2 mins later. Should be here tomorrow by 4 PM EST :bounce:
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  1. Nobody else has picked up one of these cards ? I find that hard to beleive, please post! And also, tell us where you got it and how much you paid.
  2. I asked Jesus for one last night, so far, nothing
  3. I am waiting to see a review how they work with a socket 939.
  4. From what I'm seeing in the UK, the 27th appears to be the big delivery date.
  5. See I have the same thought on a p45 mobo, will I end up bottlenecking it?
  6. I'm wondering myself on my 790gx. Will those 8x lanes be ok with a 5850 in each hmmm.
  7. I picked up a xfx 5870 yesterday after spaming refresh forever so i could finally complete my x58 build. But the dam thing is still processing my order. What is the hold up people!!!
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