A8n5x RAID problems

I need a bit of help setting up a RAID 0 array on a A8N5X motherboard. This is the first time that I've set up a RAID array so I might be making a stupid mistake.

Hard drives and configuration

--WD raptor 72 GB SATA (not part of the RAID, used for booting to Windows XP Professional)

--Two new Hitachi 1 TB SATA drives for the array. They have not yet been formatted.

What I've already done.

--Set up the BIOS for a RAID 0 array using the two 1 TB SATA drives
--Set up the RAID in the NVIDIA RAID utility (accessed by pressing F10 at the appropriate time during boot

The problem is that when I get into XP and look for the RAID it doesn't show up as an available disk. I can only see my C: drive, the 72 GB Raptor.

It doesn't show up as unallocated space in disk management either.

I haven't installed any drivers or anything. Both of the drives show up in the device manager under "other devices" along with an additional device lacking drivers. This additional device says NVRAIDBUS in a couple places in its properties. Do I need to install some kind of software driver to make this work? I can't find any sort of driver for this online.
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  1. I reinstalled the chip set drivers off the asus site. Works fine now. I'm dumb.
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