Any One Know What These Are For And Can They Be Used In The Average PC
Or Are These Card Not Compatible At All With Average PC
I Was Thinking That If It Is Compatible I Might Buy One To Make My PC More Power Full
here is a link to the site that i stumbled on to http://ipc.fic.com.tw/us/html/products/product.asp?pid=118&cid=3
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  1. Industrial automation.
  2. It's like... an entire computer squeezed on to a PCI card... neat.
  3. Yes, and you will really pay for it.

    If you are that curious, contact the company and ask how much a single evaluation unit will cost.

    These are semi-custom parts for a niche market, and they just do not enjoy the economies of scale that a company like Gigabyte does.
  4. wonder if it could be modded to simulate physx or cuda
  5. Put an I7 Or a phenom 2 on one to see how it could push counter strike source

    Wonder if anyone could get funding to try somthing like this and see what it can rilly do.
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