RAM upgrade changes IP and Kills sound

I am attempting to upgrade my computer from 2gb to 4 gb of Kingston DDR2 PC26400 RAM. Whenever i install the 2x2gb of new RAM, the IP address is changed, and the sound will not work. The RAM is recognized, and windows 7 boots up fine, but it wont connect to internet and all the sound is full of static, if there is any. Specs:
P5NSLI motherboard
2x1gb Supertalent RAM
320 gb HD
Windows 7 64 bit
XFX HD 5870 graphics card

All i want to do is upgrade the RAM and have the computer work, any ideas?
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  1. Installing replacement RAM will not change your IP address or disable your sound, something else happened. Your computer booted into Windows, so the RAM passed POST.
    -- For sound, you may want to re-install the drivers, or see if the ASUS has posted updated drivers on the web.
    -- Your network IP address can usually be reset with the computer on by disconnecting power to the MODEM and to the router for about a minute, then reconnecting power to the MODEM, waiting for all the lights to illuminate, and then reconnecting power to the router.
    -- You should test the RAM using memtest86+ (the bootable CD image file about 2/3 down the page) to verify that it is error-free. If it is not error-free, you should return it for replacement.
  2. Well, i would agree with you that my 2 problems would not be caused by inputting new RAM, but, those are the problems i am having, and the problem goes away with the old RAM. From what i can tell, the RAM is just not compatible. Oh well.
  3. I agree it is very strange. Choose your upgrade RAM from the Qualified Vendors List (QVL) for your motherboard - it should be in the manual or on the manufacturer's website. Check it with memtest86+ to ensure it is error-free.
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