Need help!! a few questions about my planned liquid cooling setup

Need help liquid cooling
Current Specs:

Case: Coolermaster haf 922

Processor : intel core I5 2500k @ 4.7 ghz (already has a noctua nh-c14)

Video Cards: zotac Gtx 580x2 in sli ( plan to get two VID-NX580 Link: )

Motherboard: asus sabertooth p67 ( would like to liquid cool this but i cant find a water block would like some help finding one)

Ram: kingston hyperx black edition 3x4gb=12gb total ( plan to get Waterblock X3 with
cooling/product_info.php?product_id=860 )

i also plan to use this as a radiator and everything else

What size tubeing should i use 13mm? Also will that cooling system work without a cpu waterblock but give me the option to add a waterblock to it in the future? what else would you guys recommend in my watercooling system i have never done this before i would really appreciate some advice.
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    Another person that found the Koolance loop builder, it seems.

    You don't need waterblocks for RAM. Drop this. You also don't really need a waterblock for your motherboard.

    Ok, let's start over. Have you read through the WC sticky? It's listed below in my signature. Koolance makes some good stuff, but there is a whole world outside of what Koolance makes...and a lot of it is less expensive. Depending on where you are from, not everyone classifies fittings in millimeters...many use standard measure of inches: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2".

    Please read through the sticky guide- there is a lot of information in there that should help answer your questions. Once you have gone through all the links and information, you should have a pretty good grasp on what you'll need for a loop.

    FYI- Yes, you can just watercool GPUs if you want as well as add the CPU later.
  2. i read it over so what are you saying i should buy a radiator by its self and a resevoir and pumps ? and just waterblock both my gpus
  3. I'm not saying anything- it just seemed that you were somewhat confused on what you needed and a lot of information is posted in there that addresses some things you've brought up. Most people that post component links from the same exact site (Koolance, for instance, instead of posting Koolance gear from watercooling retailers) often tells me that folks find a website and think it should be a one-stop shop. If you want to buy all that gear from Koolance, you would be fine, but you are doing yourself a disservice by not taking in as much information as possible to understand what you need and what your options are for your budget and plans.
  4. yea i appreciate that I did read the whole thing over its just saying part by part I know everything about every single part but would it be better to buy everything seperate or just get it in one big shot as in (radiator, pump, tubes ect) also i hear watercooling might starting leaking in the future is this true
  5. OK, slow down and's hard to tell where your sentences begin and end.

    I'm trying to inform you there are a lot of other links in the sticky instead just reading 'this is what a pump does, this is what a radiator does...etc'. There is a lot of info in there on how to calculate delta, what rads to buy based on delta and fans being used as well as other pertinent information.

    As to 'watercooling leaking in the future' say this like there will be some kind of catastrophic epidemic that will strike everyone using a water loop at the same time like a virus. No, watercooling does not leak if you take your time and do it correctly. Doing it correctly means understanding what you need to get for your budget, long term planning, understanding concepts and knowing how to fill and leak test your loop prior to running it live.
  6. yea lol ill slow down, i found all these from those links
    Black Ice XtremeII Radiator
    DD12V-D5 Pump Variable Speed by Laing
    Monsoon Single Bay Premium - RED with Black Trim - Reservoir
    Tygon 3603 Tubing

    for a full total of 230 bucks :D now its choosing from the waterblocks wich will be easy. Will this setup i have here be able to watercool my whole system in the future if needed ?
  7. They have Monsoon res's for the D5 to be mounted in, if you wanted to go that route. In fact, there are probably more reservoir choices out there on these retail sites than all other components combined.

    When it comes to the future of your loop- it depends on what you are going to cool. You have to consider radiator heat dissipation into the overall loop expansion to see what needs to be handled. If you are going to run a single BIX SR2 360, you will be fine for your GPUs only, but you might consider adding a 120 or 140mm to the loop if you decide to add your CPU. Don't forget blocks and fittings or barbs- make sure barbs/fittings are the same ID as the tubing you are going to use.
  8. danger den gives you the choice on the fittings i chose 1/2 inch fittings on everything. As in blocks you mean waterblocks right ?
  9. Yes, blocks = waterblocks.
  10. Tubing Size: 1/2 Inch ID Tubing 1/8 Inch Wall
    pump: 1/2" OD Fittings (For 1/2" ID Tubing)
    radiator: Fat Boy Fittings 1/2" OD Fittings
    resevoir: 1/2 OD for 1/2 ID Tubing
    Gpu block: VID-NX580x2
    will those all go together?
    is this all i need ?
  11. They have Monsoon res's for the D5 to be mounted in, if you wanted to go that route. In fact, there are probably more reservoir choices out there on these retail sites than all other components combined.
    as in what can you link one
  12. I see you have the fittings for the reservoir, but none listed...unless the same as above?

    Can you post links?
  13. as you can see i can choose the fittings so i just choose 1/2 inch for everything
  14. You know there are other places to buy this gear, right? You can get that pump at least $10 cheaper at a few sites...Tygon can be had cheaper...or other brands cheaper.

    You're going to want a bigger rad than that.

    You didn't list the video card blocks.

    If you stay away from DangerDen and Koolance sites, you can find better deals.

    I know im just using these websites as references to find what i need
  16. what radiator do you suggest so i can liquid cool my whole system in the future
  17. RX360's are great rads for the money. If you are running 2 GPUs you would be perfectly fine. If you add the CPU later, you might consider adding an additional 120mm or 140mm. If you can afford it, it's better to have more radiator than less. (Don't forget, you'd also need a CPU block when that time comes.)

    If you really wanted to push the boundaries (and you weren't overclocking CPU or GPUs) you could run a single RX360 with 6 fans in push/pull with CPU and 2 would really start to degrade your delta, but you'd still get decent temps. I'd recommend additional radiator instead of adding more fans to a rad.
  18. That thing is huge. I don't know how much heat it will dissipate, though. I've tried to get my hands on one to test, but without buying one, I think we'll just have to wait and see until someone tests it, like Skinnee.

    You can use compression fittings or barbs, either one. Your preference.
  19. this pump looks better but can only use 1/4 fittings would the 1/4 fittings be better then 1/2 (as in 1/4 tubing better then 1/2)
  20. if i go 1/4 fittings i have to 1/4 on everything else right thats my concept on the size thing
  21. G1/4" and fitting/tubing ID are completely different.

    From the WC sticky:
    I.D. - Inside diameter, most commonly referring to the ID of the tubing to be used. 1/2"ID means that wall to wall, the inside of the tubing measures 1/2" (metric is also used and is measured in millimeters or mm)

    O.D.- Outside diameter, similar to the ID, the OD simply is the measurement of the tubing through the cross-section from one side of the outer wall to the other.

    G1/4" - This is the one that confuses the most people. This refers to the threaded fitting standard that is used by almost all waterblocks and radiators. It is the end of the fitting that gets screwed into the block or rad; the other end of this same fitting is measured with the I.D. standard for tubing size.

  22. alright let me do some reasearch and ill give you the full price and setup and stuff and tell me what you think
  23. Go to less pain WC system.
    Corsair H100 is best for your cpu cooling system.
    Don't do too much WC before you fully understand what is WC system works.
  24. #1 - H100 is a dismal performer. It performs better than the H70 and H80, but still worse than even a Rasa RS240 a large margin when the Rasa RS240 kit costs within $5-$10 more.

    #2 - He wants to include his video cards in the loop.

    Sorry- I don't live by the rule that watercooling loops come in the same box. The only reason LCS coolers exist is so people who don't know any better can brag to their friends (who also don't know any better) how they have watercooling, even though it doesn't really perform a whole lot better than a good air cooler costing half the price.
  25. ^^ agreed
  26. wich resevoir should i get internal or external or a bay one
  27. You can also find res/tops depending on your pump. It's all a matter of preference. If you are wanting your pump to mount in the res to simplify the loop, make sure you match the res with the pump type you are getting. Otherwise, a res is a res...get what you like.
  28. It's a good one, just pricey. Now you just need to find the DDC pump you are using.
  29. or should i get more expensive waterblocks
  30. Switch pump to the MCP355:

    GPU blocks should be fine as long as they are for the cards in question. The rest looks good.

    You'll need 120mm fans, unless you have some.
  31. how many 3 right and what coolant should i use i want a acid green one
  32. You already listed green tubing...? You don't want coolants (also some links in the sticky discussing why.) I guess if you absolutely need to go that route, Swiftech makes some stuff called Hydrx that is decent and you mix with distilled water. Otherwise, use dyes or just the colored tubing you want. Plain water performs the best, if you don't want critters growing, killcoil or biocide as well.
  33. wich would you recommend with this setup i dont want to be having problems in the future and btw ur help is very much appreciated
  34. You wouldn't likely have problems if you used stuff like that, just be aware that some coolants can break down and clog your blocks under sustained load temps. (also covered in the WC sticky...see a trend? :) )

    Feser One is one brand that seems to have this issue, there are others that have happened as well. You aren't mixing aluminum in your loop with the copper/brass, so you don't need a corrosion inhibitor, and water will perform better than a coolant or premix. If you want color, use tubing or dye (Mayhem's dye is what most guys use). But if you really want that nuclear sludge green, Hydrx is alright...just mix correctly.
  35. so what just use distilled water with the coloured tubing that would be my best bet with no corrosion involved And yes i see the trend lol
  36. Yeah, if you want, a killcoil or some kind of growth inhibitor (some use PTnuke from there are other versions from other retailers as well.
  37. Ptnuke it is :D
  38. so i mix the ptnuke and the distilled water is there a certain amount i should be mixing together orr how does this work
  39. Most sites have various kinds, but all should work about the same. It just depends where you get it. Usually only need a few drops total in your loop, so a bottle should last you a while.
  40. and i should be dropping some in every once in a while so will i need anything else you think to get a extra + or is this setup just right
  41. Deathbox said:
    Ptnuke it is :D

    You can get Tetra algaecide at Walmart or a pet shop for 3 bucks does the same thing.
  42. and can i buy distilled water from a fish store or something
  43. ^Yep.
  44. @homeboy2 really you sure
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