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I currently have an Acer 8735G laptop with a C2D 6600 and 4gb of ram. When I hook an external hard drive to the USB port and start a transfer from the external to the computer, the transfer freezes. It gets to different stages in the transfer, but always winds up freezing causing a reboot. The only thing I can do is reboot. I have tried this with several USB drives and flash drives, all do the same thing. I can write to the external but not read large files. Small files <20 meg, seem to go alright. I have updated chipset drivers, no difference. If I go to device manager and disable the enhanced USB controller, the transfer will work, I am running Win 7 64bit. Any ideas ?

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  1. As to why, sure sounds like a driver bug or something like that. As to what to do, it sounds like you have solved it. Do you notice any other difference with the enhanced USB controller disabled?
  2. I didn't really solve it. When I disable the enhanced USB controller the transfer works, but it is really slow. Definitely not running a USB2 speeds. 700 meg transfer took about 15 minutes. Any ideas on how to begin to narrow it down
  3. Not me, sorry. I'm an XP/linux, asus guy, and I don't have time to research it tonight.
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