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Last response: in Systems
September 5, 2009 5:59:38 PM

I am looking to build my first server(business use)...

Here is what I want to do...

Share Quickbooks, MS office, and Autodesk. Ideally I would just like to run these programs off of the server and limit certains users to certain files/programs.

1) Do I still need to load these programs on to each individual computer or can they run from the server?
2) What is the best OS for this type of application?
3) I was thinking of building it similar to a "gaming" computer...raptor HD and then a bunch of 1+TB HDs, middle of the road graphics card (8800GTX), and lots of ram...Everything else falls into place (power supply, optical drive, etc...

Let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance for the input...


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September 11, 2009 9:30:33 PM

The only thing a server needs is fast hard drives. I'm using an old SCSI box that I built in 1998. It runs NT4 and 15k hard drives and would beat the living bytes outta anything with a newer OS. However, that's basically a backup server now and I'm using a Netgear NV+ NAS to provide my "day to day" data server needs.

a GPU, sound card and other frills are a waste.

The more common way to use the programs you mention is by loading them on each PC (HD's faster then network conenction) and then use a data file server to store all the data files. Common files such as desk layouts and such can be stored on the server as well as AV data files and things like that.

$1,000 will get you my NAS w/ four 1 TB drives for 3.0 TB of storage

But buying it diskless w/ four 7200.12's is cheaper at $499 + 4 x 89.99 or $859.99

The combo deal comes with a 1.5 TB 7200.11 @ $559.98. Three more of those at $119.99 gives you 4.5 TB for $919.95