What's the difference

What's the difference between this 2 memory modules except the price.



Both have same timings, speed and voltages.
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  1. besides the fact that one is tripple channel supported and the other is not?
  2. are you trying to run on one dimm? or 3 dims? or 2 dims? if 2 dims is the case then you should get dual channel ram not tripple channel ram and if it is one dimm then tripple channel ram it is. if they are 3 seperate dims then go with the 3 individual ram sticks
  3. if you have 4 slots but only 2 dims and you want 3 gigs of ram then buy a dual channel kit and a single stick.. put the dual channel kit in one dimm and the single stick in the other dimm.. usually the dimms are color coded i.e. the ram slots with the same color are the same dimm.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I was thinking if I installed 3 2GB VS2GB1333D3 G on a 1366 platform will I lose/gain any performance (memory write speed etc...) compared to the latter choice?

    I'm asking because here in the Philippines 3 sticks of VS2GB1333D3 is priced at $163 while the latter costs a whopping $296.
  5. I think other than the heat spreader, there is no difference between the sticks. I believe the 3 x VS2 will work just fine in triple channel mode for the 1366 board. I think to gain back any performance lost by using the 3 x VS2 if any is not worth the more than $136 price premium for buying the triple channel bundle.
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    they will perform individually just fine.. but as for running in tripple channel mode they might not because of revision changes between each individual ram sticks.. the revision changes could be so slight that no one would notice, but is enough for the ram to not work together so they work seperatly.. as far as you using them the difference would be so small that you would not eve notice that they are not working together..
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  8. So final revisions can affect the ram sticks. Always thought the memory controller does that. Thanks for the replys.
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