Thermal paste well aplied?

Hi, can you tell me if this thermal apste is well appled? or my computer is fried forever? (55c+ idle temp)
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  1. From your image, it looks like your method was correct. It is hard to tell if it was too thick or not though.

    Two things I did notice from your pic... 1) Your case looked very messy inside with the cables all over, which will effect your temps. 2) It looks to be a stock cooler, so I would recommend getting an aftermarket cooler to help with temps.
  2. In the case of thermal paste I've always gone by the adage "a dab will do ya for." Just have to ensure that it is evenly spread and from your pic it does look good. Temps seem to be a bit high though. Like tecmo said, check the airflow in your case to bring down the temps. And no, your CPU isn't fried.
  3. looks like it might be to much you ideally want as thin and even as can be about a rice grain grain in the middle will be good the pressure from the heatsink will spread it out to much is just as bad as to little just want it to fill the microscopic holes in the heatsink metal
  4. I also think it is too much (but diffucult to see it with the eye) You could also make two smaller spots(half rice corn ^^) with a 0.5 cm gap in between them to let them spread better.

    Have a look at this Youtube video about spreading:http: //
  5. The problem with the "grain of rice in the middle " approach is that, as you can see, the top of the IHS does not get completely covered.

    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:
  6. I used the dab first. Then the line. Then the spread with a tooth pick. When I got a plastic bag and wrapped it around my finger and spread a thin layer, so thin that I could still read the processor name my temps went down 6-8c. even though I hate him looks cool
  7. Which method should i use? I'm using a Pentium D

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