I5 9/8/09

P55 mobo and i5 CPU Maybe 8-8-09 ? http://www.ewiz.com/query.php?dp=1&dt=2&categry=124&categry=124&brand=&pa0=LGA1156&pa1=&pa2=&pa3=&pa4=&pa5=&pa6=&pa7=&pa8=&pa9=&nl=30&searchStr=Search+from+current+results&ob=&myanchor=%23displaytop


Available Sept. 8! $15 off with P55 combo purchase w/ code OMGi5COMBO
Intel Core i5 Processor i5-750 2.66GHz 8MB LGA1156 CPU, Retail
Mfr Part Number: BX8060I5750
Process Type: Intel Core i5 Processor i5-750
Frequency: 2.66 GHz
Cache: 8 MB
Process: 45 nm
Socket: LGA 1156
TDP: 95W
Package: Retail
This processor is a Quad Core Processor

Free Ground Shipping
Part#: I5-750BOX
Price: $219.99

just seen this @ ewiz
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  1. sept 8th has been the release date for a while now

    but wait few days , read a few actual benchmarks , and then see what happens to amd's pricing in response
  2. $220? In that case, for those that live near Microcenter, thy may as well get the i7 920 @ $200. However, the P55 motherboards are MUCH cheaper.
  3. Why buy i5 when you can get i7 for $50-$60 more.
  4. ^Because motherboards are cheaper :P. A decent one, the Gigabyte is just $110 which is ~ the same price as a P45-UD3L!
  5. i7, good cheap mobo. SLI/xfire: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130227

    If you get a micro center deal i7 FTW. Even if you get a Asus Gigabyte mobo, $100-$200 difference for triple channel and sli/xfire, your still better off goind i7.

    I was gonna build my son a i5, but now I'll just get him i7 with those prices.
  6. All the new stuff coming out MOBOs CPUs GPUs ect is all grate, But until my C2D wont do what i need it to i will just hold off.

    As i see it i am good for 2-3 years

    My last PC was a AMD 2500+ and 6800 GT that was good for 5 years
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