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I have like 5-6 TB of data across 8 hard drives, and have experienced enough malfunctioning hard drives that I'm leaning toward using an online backup solution.

Anyone use either crashplan or backburn?

I am leaning toward using crashplan.

What online backup methods do folks use, and are there any other helpful tips about data backup that anyone can share?

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  1. Online backups.. what happens if/when they go out of business?
  2. What do you suggest then? Multiple additional hard drives- that can also crash/be stolen/etc?
  3. For that much data, RAID setups. If you are worried about stuff being stolen, Iron Mountain.
  4. My hard drive crashed and I lost all my family photos and precious data. Thankfully I had my computer backed up online with MyPCBackup and I was able to quickly recover everything. which provide me Free Online Backup services and i am very thanks full to mypcbackup.
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