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I'm building my first gaming rig at the moment, and I'm sort of overwhelmed at what to get, I'm trying to keep within the £500 price range, and, well, struggling slightly now.

The parts I have so on my wish list are this PSU, this GPU, this HDD, and this fan. This leaves me requiring a motherboard, CPU, some RAM and the case, this is where I'm struggling to work from.

My first question though is, is a 700w PSU too much for what I'll be running? If so what would be more suitable for me? Any money that I can free up by buying a lower watt PSU is money to be spent elsewhere.

I'm not really interested in overclocking my CPU, however I do require a supervisor and user passwords at bootup, as well as 1 IDE port, I won't be needing SLi or XFire support either. On to CPU, I have a Core 2 Q6600 in my current PC, I wouldn't be adverse to using this CPU on my new build, however I'd require a CPU to replace it as I do aim to sell my current PC. RAM, I don't need anything more than 4gb, I will be using Windows XP Media Centre 2005 to save on OS costs (plus I hate Vista and don't plan on forking out for Windoze 7 any time soon). The case I'm still looking for and I honestly have no idea what I'm looking for but any cool case suggestions welcome.

I have about £200 left to spend on the remaining hardware. I'll only buy from places in the UK, and would prefer it to be from Amazon or Overclockers purely because I trust these 2 places and so I can save on delivery.

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  1. First off, a 500-550w PSU should do you just fine if the quality is right. (Corsair/Antec ect)

    2nd, i5 is releasing extremely soon and will be adding some good fun to the market, hold out for a little longer. The same goes with ATI 5 series.

    God this is going to be a fun month. :)
  2. this is a good budget case for hdd this is faster this cooler is currently one of the best as for ram on i7 you looking triple channel ddr3 on i5 an amd am3 dual channel ddr3
  3. If you're not going to overclock, don't buy a CPU cooler. Just get the retail version of a CPU and use the stock heatsink/fan.

    PSU requirements for that video card are 500 watts min. Perhaps just a 600watt unit.
  4. Thanks for the replies, guys.

    I just tried to edit my first post to reflect my change of heart... but its being retarded and won't let me :kaola:

    Ok, after searching the net, trying to cut down on prices, finding a good mobo, ram and case, I've decided to change some of my specifcations :P I'll keep the original post below though, for reference if anyone reads this thread and thinks "wtf" at a comment or something.

    So far, this is what I'm thinking;

    PSU - OCZ StealthXStream 700w
    GPU - Sparkle nVidia 275 GTX
    CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad (clocked at 2.66GHz)
    Mobo - (quick check, that IS an IDE port I spot, right?)
    RAM - Corsair XMS2, 4GB (remember, 4gb max as I'll be using a 32bit OS)
    Fan - Arctic Cooling Freezer 7, I'd like a quiet fan, and after thinking about it, I wouldn't mind having a go at overclocking... maybe...
    HDD - Seagate Barracuda, 500gb (I'm currently surviving perfectly well on a 320gb HDD, so I don't need loads of space).
    Case - This is about the only case I've found which I actually like the look of...

    Ok, so after all that, is there any chance anyone could go over my choice and tell me of any potential issues, or where money could be better spent? At the moment, without delivery I'm looking at £583, I'd like to try and keep the entire build under £600 (up from £500), for essentials, I'll probably spend some extra money on some lighting at a later date, but as long as I can get it running I'll be happy (preformance before eye candy, thanks)... however if anyone can point me in the direction of maybe a red LED'd case very similar to what I've shown for a little bit more, then I'd be happy to spend extra there also.

  5. Bump...

    If its all good to go, I'd like to order it tonight so it'll arrive on Friday, just need someone to give me the go ahead on those parts.

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