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Hi. I had a virus on my Dell mini and went to reinstall windows but as it doesn't have a cd drive, I tried to do it through USB stick. Couldn't do it while logged on as virus won't let me run anything .exe

So, in my wisdom, I was trying to get it to BOOT from the USB and so fiddled about with the settings. I can only assume that I have disabled the hard drive now as when I turn it on, it doesn't recognise anything and doesn't let me type anything to be able to search for the USB.(I know, I know, what a moron!!)

But, any help would be greatly appreciated if it is possible to get around this


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  1. You didn't disable the HDD. Can you still get into the BIOS? What settings did you change?
  2. he prob turned off sata controller or something lol
  3. As long as you didn't change the hardware at all and can still get into the bios, just load the default values.
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