Default resolution XFX 4870 512mb?

So yeah, default resolution of a 4870? I've looked online and can't find it and it isn't in any documentation.

I ask because I can't get a new system to boot, but have only tried booting it with 15" TFT's (1024 x 768) and my HDTV (unknown over vga). I was wondering if the card is trying to boot me at a higher res, thus displaying nothing on the screen.

Any help = ultimate honour - I'm not getting much love today.
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  1. POST requires low resolution. If there are no major hardware issues, it will display on a 1024 x 760 monitor (or even on a lower resolution monitor).
  2. Disconnect the HDTV and use only an LCD. The vid card is designed to boot up fine that way.

    Then get into Catalyst or whatever, and establish the TFT as your primary display.

    Then try booting up with both attached. If that fails, swap cables to the opposite connector at the vid card, and repeat the entire process, ie, remove the HDTV etc
  3. Thanks a lot, I was worried that might be the case - no easy way out for me! Must be faulty MoBo or CPU then, cheers for the help.
  4. Sorry didn't see your post there boxer - System isn't actually booting, I was just making sure I hadn't totally noobed, but thanks all the same!
  5. Did you test the 4870 in another system?
  6. No I haven't actually although I could, I have just tried my old 4670 though and still no display or beeps or anything, so I guess it must be the MoBo or CPU, everything else has been tested - I hate computers sometimes!
  7. Are you sure the PSU is working properly? Does the 8-pin CPU cable provide 12V and are all other voltages within specs?
  8. I've run another system from the PSU (OCZ StealthXStream 600W) so I believe it to be fine although I have no way of testing the output of the CPU connectors (the two yellow and black four pin connectors I guess?). When I say all else has been tested I mean to say in another system, not technically with memtest, wattage guides etc.

    My new build
    ASUS M4A77TD Pro
    Phenom II X2 550
    XFX 4870 512mb
    Crucial DDR3 1333mhz 2GB (1 stick)
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
    Some LG IDE disk drive

    I've even breadboarded the system with bare minimum components and still - no beeps, no POST - Just empty dreams of seeing a BIOS screen. I'll dance naked upon the parapets if it will just show me some 1980's text!
  9. Ah - think I may have a dead board - at first build I plugged a floppy drive connector from the PSU into a set of fan pins on the mobo - I probably killed the board! Oh well - still RMA it - thanks for the help anyway people.
  10. Then I have to agree with you that either the CPU or the motherboard is defective.
  11. And I think you're cool
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