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Hey guys, i was looking at this ssd (http://bit.ly/lZ0Qqu) and need to know if I will be needing some sort of adapter to get it to fit in my case doesn't matter where I put it as long as it will fit. I am not opposed to buying something to make it fit give me you're suggestions and also if u know of any better ssd that are cheaper or have more storage let me know they gotta be sata III. Thanks other specs are below
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  1. The answer to your question is Yes. The HAF 922 pc case does not have any 2.5 inch ssd drive bays. You will need a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch drive bay adapter like this one:


    Here is a link to a newegg page with all sorts of drive bay adapters:

  2. alright and will thoses go into the tooless hdd drive bays?
  3. I did a litte research.

    Standard 3.5 inch drive bays are not a problem.

    The Silverstone adapter in the first link does not work in Antec HAF series cases with tooless hard drive bays. It may or may not work with other tooless drive bays in other cases. If it does fit in other cases it will be a tight fit.

    Don't know about the other adapters but reading the user comments at newegg should give you some idea.
  4. Its a cooler master case not sure if antec also has a HAF series case..

    And I guess all look around for some maybe contact cooler master see what they have to say. thanks
  5. OOPS! My mistake. I meant the Coolermaster HAF cases, not Antec cases.

    Go to the newegg.com adapter page I linked to and take a look at the user comments for each of the adapters. Sometimes the users mention if the adpaters fit or do not fit specific pc cases.

    I have a Lian Li/Lancool Dragon Lord case that has tooless removeable 3.5 inch drive bays. When I tried to slide the Silverstone adapter in from the rear it would not fit into the bay. I pulled out the drive bay to get a better look. The drive bay was on my desk and I placed the adapter on top of it. It looked like it might fit so I pushed down. The adapter dropped down with very little effort and clicked into position. Works perfectly. Still don't know why I couldn't just slide it in.

    Good Luck!
  6. Alright that sounds great and what are some good models of ssd that are reliable im not looking for much more speed seeing as im coming from a mechanical hard drive WD Caviar Black. I just want something that is big enough for the OS, photoshop, autocad, and a few games like the sims and crysis. the one that i had posted above looked good seemed reliable and I want it to be sata 3 for sure thanks ! :D
  7. EDIT - No point in mentioning SATA 3Gb/s ssd's when you want a SATA 6Gb/s ssd.

    Intel is tops for reliability. In terms of synthetic benchmarks the Intel 510 6Gb/s ssd is not a speed demon. However, it can hold its own in real world scenarios. SSD's using the SandForce SS-2281 controller are the speed kings of synthetic benchmarks. The brand new Patriot Wildfire might be worth considering.

    Here is a link to an ssd database that includes links to technical reviews for each model:

  8. what about pci-e ssd? I think I read somewhere that they were for servers or something ?
  9. The vast majority of PCI-e based solid state drives are designed for business use and they are expensive. There are some consumer grade PCI-e ssd's available. OCZ has several variations of their RevoDrive series inclusing the brand new RevoDrive 3 x2. I included them in the ssd databse. The biggest problem for consumers is price. The brand new 480GB version of the RevoDrive 3 x2 has a suggested retail price of $699.00. OUCH! :cry:

    No word yet on what the price for the 240GB version will be. 240GB will be the smallest capacity.

    BTW - The RevoDrive 3 x2 is designed for heavy duty use. It would be rare to have a consumer sitting at home doing something that demanding.

    Intel announced the new 330P series ssd's that will be PCI-e based but no word yet on price or release date. There may also be a 520P series too.
  10. alright. Now reading reviews on new egg about the 510 they talk about AHCI and other thing which i would imagine is all stuff in the Bios that will need to be changed how do I go about doing this ? Sorry if i seem ignorant about this subject but i'm only 16 and still learning about Bios hah thanks a lot I appreciate this soo much !
  11. Just about everything you want to know about ssd's is included in the sticky at the top of this forum's ssd section:


    If that is not enough, here are more useful articles:


    Most important of all read this new article written by tecmo and published by Tom's Hardware that takes a look at and tests ssd and Windows 7 tweaks:


    Good Luck!
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