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I have a 945GCM-S2C mobo with a E2180 @ 2.00Ghz CPU. My son just bought Battlefield 3 and I decided to buy the biggest CPU that card could handle so I went to the CPU support list ( for that mobo and found that the Q9300 was supported.

My question is: in reference to that CPU support list page, there is a column '' Since BIOS version'' and for the Q9300 there is a N/A. What does the N/A means in reference to the BIOS vs Q9300. (I know that N/A means not applicable). Not applicable to what?
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    N/A = Not applicable = CPU not supported
  2. Now that you mention it, it makes sense but the link did say CPU support list.
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  4. Yeah, Gigabyte list the CPU even if it's not supported.
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