Help with $500 gaming rig

I'm planning on a relatively high end pc I wanted advice from community members. I need one that can handle HD video, gaming, Web browsing with 8 tabs open at once Youtube, video editing, and playing windows media player at the same Time. Also with power to process a live web show

The issue I don't want to spend more than 500 bucks on components. Also I don't want to raise my power bill to much so my power supply cut off is 700 watts. I have hard drives and can get ram if I don't have room in the budget from my dads job. any advice much appreciated.

As a idea what could I do with amd phenom II x3 4 gig ram ati radeon 4850 crossfire x

Thanx :o
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  1. You could get the x3 720,

    asus evo 785g or the 770tx am3 board.

    hmmm, 4850's price dramatically dropped so a sapphire 4850 will do.

    antec 300 / rc-690 case

    a 400cx corsair psu or an antec 450w.

    get a set of ram that has a CL: of atleast 8, best at 7.
  2. On newegg I saw they had motherboard combo deals for amd phenom x3 and crossfirex compatible motherboards for right around 200 so I could See getting two 4850's on ebay or craigslist and setting tht up that would put me right at 400 about and I'd have just enough for some ram upgrade. cool It'ss a good thing I have access to all those other parts.
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