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I have a question about the future core i3 (Clarkdale) processors, does anybody know whether they will have hyperthreading or not?

I feel that with hyperthreading they may be pretty competitive, but without it they may not be worth their price (120 - 145) USD, especially that AMD has many good processors below that price.

I want to know what do you think about this. How much do you think the core i3 at near 3 GHz will be faster than, say, Phenom II X2 550. How does it compare to athlon II X4?

I know that it not released yet but I would like to know your preliminary thoughts.

Thank you.
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  1. the core i3 will beat the phenom 2 x2 .

    nehalem with its cache and superior architecture , clock for clock is at faster than athlon 2 if you look at max cpu usage apps .

    the clock rates and especially overclockability of westmere is THE thing to watch out when they descend from heaven in january . i have an i5 750 , wont be buying them but i still hope 32nm benefits overclockability a lot .

    they will annihilate many , many ! other processors , in apps or games not taking advantage of all 4 cores .
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