Proposed Partitioning of 2TB Internal

Focused in planning getting parts (have most picked out) and building first rig! A LOT of thougth and planning goes into this. Likely will get a 2TB Seagate 6gb/s 7200rpm internal drive (may do complex raid stuff later, but for now just focused on how I'd partition that).

2TB internal!!!!!!!!!
7 partitison

Basic situation
600 GB for Windows
600 GB for Linux
400GB for BU 300i
400GB for BU 200e

Scratch disk is external or a seperate internal drive. sWEET!!

80 win7
415 gb win7 APPS/GAMES!
495 linux 10.04 or 11 (10.04 is more stable, likely that)
105 gb Dropbox windows
105 gb dropbox linux
400GB BU of 300i
400gb BU of 200e

SEPERATE Scratch DISK!!!! 300r SWEET!

Notes: three primaries
1 extended
4 partitiosn on the extended
total of 7 partitison

Anyone see any problems of where that woulwouldn't work? I actually think I'll install windows on 100gb just to make sure (if i have to install some files on same partition as operating ssytem, don't want to run out of space with the 80gb)

Someone said that windows (7 home prem, or pro possibly) only needs 50gb?? def wouldn't ant to risk runnign out of space with that though and have to repartition.

are my own collections of internal file,s external files and scratch_random

Found this forum MASSIVeLY helpful when I did the successful 4 partitions of 1tb, so reposted regarding this project.

Unlike the 1tb external projec where I had the drive, I don't yet even have the 2tb yet, but am planning it out. I like that partitioning structure.

Raid interests me but
1) would have to (and would want to, so this isn't a problem)
2)1TB is the largest drive I've ever had and just got that (sweet!) but before that 500gb was max, so 2TB would be huge, so while doing a RAID project would be excellent learning, it wouldn't really be necessary for space reasons.

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  1. The Hardware details.

    The drive have been considering is

    Howeve,r I realized the cost of raiding two of these Green 1.5 5900rpm seagates

    woudl be actually LESS than the single 2tb 7200rpm

    That 1.5+1.5 isn't that important because I'm positive 2TB will feel spacious, but the question is, how much of a noticeable difference is 7200 from 5900 and how (during what processes) is it noticeably different.

    almost finally, (I'm pretty good at figuring these things out myself by studying the product details, so will likely discern this myself, but nevertheless), these two drives are both 1.5TB, seagate, 5900 and 6gb/s
    same rpm, brand, storage size, and read/write speed and yet there's a 40 dollar price difference??????/

    Trying to understand that one.
    Finally, the application of this drive (likely simply the initial 2TB) will ideally be the asus atx mobo I pick out.

    However, am on tight budget. I loathe macs and consider the company a scam and a cult and I look forward to the day (in the near future) when I own zero apple/mac products. Hoewver, I have an old (2008) imac with S.M.A.R.T. hd status failing. if I can't get budget for rig, I may TEMPORARILY install one of the drives on imac.

    If anyone knows incompatibilities or "heads up" about asus atx mobos and the drives listed (or temp imac installation - I know installing on an imac is a headache, another reason why apple is fail, not customizable at all) would appreciate. Cheers!
  2. Maybe I dont understand but it looks like your going to put all your information with os installs and data on 1 2tb drive. That is not a good look at all. And on top of all that, I hope you realize that a 2tb drive is not 2tb. When formatted you will only have 1.76tb of space so your calculation wont work.

    The fact is that when you get to 1tb and beyond, drive failure % goes way up because of how tightly packed the data is. A guy that owns a UPS store right up the street from me was a Seagate engineer and devoloped hard drives and actually came up with alot of the ideas. The store is his retirement so we talk HD's every time I hafta RMA them. He gave me some very interesting info on HD's and with what I know, I will never go over 1tb drives let alone put all of everything I own on one drive.

    I recommend you get another hd to install your os's and use a 2tb for your data. Then get another 2tb drive and back that one up!! Also that hd at 5900rpm is way too slow and should only be used for data.

    Backup and then backup your backup!
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