Undo disk write protection

Somehow both my (portable) external hard drive and one of my usbs ended up 'write protected' according to my computer; (though the external hard drive works fine at work/on my work computer).
Niether of them has a switch or anything. Just the standard ports.

How do I fix this?
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  1. Are your external storage devices using a Microsoft NTFS file system, and is your problem computer a Mac? If so, then be aware that Macs can read an NTFS file system but cannot natively write to it. One possible solution is NTFS-3G.
  2. Both my work computer and home computer use Windows Vista actually. I have estabilshed a work around, but that is stopping me from working at home.

    Please advise.
  3. Sorry, I don't use Vista.

    I know you can change the attributes of files and folders so that they are read-only, but I don't know if you can do this for an entire drive.
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