One sound channel bad?

I am running an Asrock 775 dual vsta with a 2.8gh pentium D dual core.

Everything was fine until earlier tonight I lost my left stereo channel. I went online to listen to an AM radio station which was not in stereo.

I only got sound out of the right channel. The bad thing was that when I left the online am station I still only have the right channel.

I have removed all my audio video codes and sound programs. No difference. Reinstalled the Realtech sound drivers twice without any help.

I have been around computers for a long time. I have stacks of old motherboards where one thing or another went wrong with them. Mainly onboard IDE hard drive controllers.

But one channel of stereo is a new one to me. Never had onboard sound go out, if that is what it is.

Anybody fimilar with this problem? Any help appreciated.

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  1. Do you have any other stereo speakers you can try out? Have you checked your cables to make sure they are seated properly?

    I've had speakers die before - well just one side so I had to get new speakers.
  2. I have 4 computers in a row here and checked it all out with other computers.
  3. And any luck? Have you tried swapping the speakers?
  4. I checked the speakers, wires and everything out on one of the other computers and everything was fine.

    I am afraid I have a bad channel on the onboard sound.
  5. By the way, what program do you use to play internet radio? By any chance is it windows media player?
  6. Also one more thing you can try:

    Open your sounds and Audio devices Properties (should be a little speaker on the bottom right of your screen, if not go to the control panel).

    Now click on "Advanced" of the first page of the sounds properties

    Look at the following speaker settings : Play control and Wave

    Under "Play control" and "Wave" are the "Balance" settings right in the middle? It's possible the slider is on the far right. Move it to the middle if it is.
  7. The stattion had its own player.

    I have been been around computers since the early 1980s and building my own since the PCXT.

    Believe me, I have checked everything.
  8. Oh well, sorry to "hear" of your loss. lol!

    Take care.
  9. I have had an on board sound chip die before. When out and bought a $30 dollar sound card.
  10. I would too except I don't have any available slots. All filled up with TV tuner and 3 video cards running 6 monitors.

    It is getting harder and harder to find motherboards with more than 2 pci slots.
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