Stable but fails on LinPak?

Folks, I am running an i5 2500K OC'd to 4.5ghz cooled with the Corsair Hyrdo 100 Series. Normal temps 33C and max 61C under full load. I've run Prime95x64 for 24hrs straight on "blend" and all was well. I can't drop my voltage from 1.375 because I start to crash then. I've also run OCCT 4.0 CPU stress for 24hrs and passed.

However, whenever I run LinPak on OCCT it crashes. Any ideas why?
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  1. How well does the Prime95 small fft's test do? That is a better test of CPU stability than the blend test.
  2. Small FFTs do fine. The Blend does fine. It's just the Linpak/Large FFTs on Prime95 that shut my system down - don't even thrown an error, just turns it off!

    I know that Large FFTs are mainly RAM but since I'm running standard settings for my RAM, I'm not sure the problem.
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