AMD 955 temps

i just built my PC last night and i tested out Prime95 for about 15mins today and saw the max temp for my 955 was 61C. on AMD's website it says the max the cpu can go is 62C. should i be worried? im using an Antec 300 Illusion case with the top and rear fan set to half speed ( i dont think u can change the speed of the two front fans) and using the stock HSF for my 955.
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  1. did u try turning off cool and quiet? Is the processor overclocked? In speedfan or whatever program you are using what is the fan speed on the cpu heatsink. It could be bad thermal paste or incorrectly applied thermal paste
  2. CnQ is off. i even set the CPU fan to 100%, including all of my case fans to 100% as well. CPU fan is 3,200RPM.

    the thermal paste is the right amount (since AMD put it on) and im pretty sure the HSF and thermal paste is applied correctly. tho, i was having some problems installing the HSF at first. i couldnt really get it in right, so i took it off my CPU and then some thermal paste was on it but then i put the HSF back on and installed it from there.
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