My boared chokes at POST

Hi guys i got a new MB
athlon x2 6400+
but a very fu*ked up GPU i wil change it withne the few days
7300 LE from colorado

and a FSP BluestormII 500W

ok the problem is when i press the turn on button on the case

the computer start and sound like the hard working without anydisplay

and the sound like charging (a low sound get louder ) the the normal pep from the internal speaker
and post normaly

some times it restart and post again
sometimes it hange on the asus logo when booting
sometimes it don't read the hard drive

and by the way the graphic card has got overclocked automaticly from 250 mem clock to 550 memclock

so i instaled a 90mm fan on it to cool it

so is this problme fixable or just hte boared fu*ked up and need rma
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  1. Have you tried to reset the bios to setup or bios defaults?
  2. I sounds like your motherboard isn't receiving enough power.
    Try clearing your cmos (bios) first. Make sure that you have both power connectors on your board connected properly, especially the 4 pin. I would also double check you cpu cooler and make sure it seated correctly.
    You also said that you put a fan on your video card. Make sure you have applied the thermal paste properly
    There's also a troubleshooting guide in the motherboard form.
  3. i'm running defaults i re clear the cmos and i'm sure of power and cpu cooler

    i have a ques another question is it ok for the phases to heat ?
  4. Heat is your enemy. You want as little as possible, but you certainly don't want to refridgerate your system either.

    CPU Normal temp range is 30-40 degrees celcius
    GPU (Non-SLI/Crossfire) normal temp range is 45-55 degrees celcius (expect a lot of discussion about this range, this is the range i'm used to seeing)

    Also, if you know the GPU is a problem, why not replace it first, then test your system again. Alternatively, you can go through the troubleshooting guide (link in my signature) to see if there is anything else wrong in your set up.
  5. i tried everything almost
    OK first i changed the GPU to 8300gs just to try
    and i found that this card is not over clocking it self OK
    this the first probleme solved

    it tried another pair of ram the same boot probleme still here


    i jumbed to this idea what if this cpu need a better power supply like 700w ???
    or more amp

    the cpu temp range is 40-56 c

    MCP 64c
  6. In short, no, you don't need a 700w PSU to power up your particular CPU. In fact, I can't think of any CPU requiring a 700w PSU. That being said, when there is a potential power insufficiency concern, know that the wattage output isn't as important as the amperage output.

    I suggest you go through the troubleshooting guide, if you haven't already. Also post the specs of your PSU, run MemTest86+ (download from, and come back with the results.
  7. first of all i read the guide and it was very good

    but first i tried to change the power nothing happend

    then i tried another cpu athlon 5200+ it worked fine no heat at all and the mcp was at 49c with the torture test

    but the Post problem still presist
    and when i use a 6400+ cpu the boared phases get hot
  8. Do a breadboard build. To accomplish this, remove everything from the motherboard, except for the the CPU and heatsink, and heatsink fan.

    1. Place the mobo on a non-conductive surface (wood, cardboard, etc)
    2. Connect the PSU and don't forget about the 4/8-pin connector near the CPU
    3. If the board has a power button embedded to it, use that to power up your board. If not, use a flathead screwdriver to jump the power switch pins.

    At this point your board should be trying to POST, but it won't because you don't have RAM installed. Did you hear series of beeps (1 long, followed by 2-3 short)?
    If yes, proceed to step 4. If not, you may have another bad board.

    4. Install RAM, one module at a time, testing for display. If your monitor shows a display after you've installed all RAM modules, you should see a POST error indicating that no hard drive (or no OS) is found. If you install RAM and the display stops showing, you may have a bad RAM slot on the mobo.

    5. Reconnect your hard drive. If your mobo POSTs, then continue to add the rest of your devices one at a time until either all are connected and your mobo still POSTs, or until you've added something and your mobo doesn't POST. Should the latter happen, remove the last connected device and try again.

    6. If everything is connected and working (mobo POSTs) outside of the case, you likely have a short. If you have a short, remove and reinstall all brass standoffs. Now remove everything from the mobo, except for CPU, heatsink, and heatsink fan. Reinstall mobo to case, and follow steps 1-5 again.
  9. i dont the board strip search

    and i found that first the MCP temp was 55 outside the case and i disabled the express gate Function

    so the only problems left that
    1- on pressing the power button the computer start and turnoff and start again
    then it wait for about 5sec to POSt

    even with the strip search :)

    itried it just with the Cpu and board without anything else

    so is that normal ???

    2- the phase power beside the CPU gets really HOT about 67c is that normal

    (phase not MCP )

    and thanks for your help specially T_T
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