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Hello everyone I was just curious I am building my old man a I5 system from his 5-6 year old system and was curious if this was a good cooler for the 1156 I5?

I will overclock the chip as he needs the extra speed I will stop around 3.0ghz though for the moment till he needs more. I also had one more question...I liked the way the cooler had all the brackets etc.




Any help would be appreciated thank you.

I also had one more question. Looking at it I was wondering if it would be better then the Xigmatek S1283 cooler...I thought to get him free shipping id upgrade my cooler to it as well to try for 3.4ghz-3.6ghz later down the road.

Any links to some 09 cooling benchmarks would also really be appreciated.
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  1. Sorry I forgot to add the cooler I was talking about....bit of a rush today with after-thanks giving stuff and finishing this system off.
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    the v8 is downright nasty. i have a friend whos got one on his i7 system and its working perfectly fine.
  3. Happen to know his temps idle/load and overclocked? 1156 I7 or the 1366?

    Just trying to get a idea of the system before ordering it....I am very picky on the details...its both a curse and a blessing........mostly a curse though.
  4. Coolmaster v8 is a pretty cpu cooler, but it's not even close to being the best. The center fan is loud. And if it breaks your replacement fan doesn't have led's and/or fan control.

    For your money check out other air cpu coolers.

    This is just my opinion though.
  5. Really its that loud?
    I am curious higher = louder or lower = louder for dBa?

    I use a Xigmatek S1283 with stock fan is 20 - 32 dBA and V8 is 17 - 21dBA

    Also if you ever run into the issue you can snip the fan control into the next fan as well...all it is a voltage regulator...I usually leave it at auto myself though but I figured you might appreciate the tid bit.

    I have done it in the past without any issues...just make sure to cover the wires with electric tape so they never touch.
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