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Sorry if this is a novice question, but I followed the article here about setting up a wireless & wired LAN connection. However when I add a preferred network, this doesn't appear in the "Available Networks" box above, yet the card tells me that "signal strength is good" at the icon by the clock in the bottom right. I'm using Win XP Pro if that helps....
This has happened on 2 separate networks, the same for each of the 4 adaptors, so I must be doing something wrong....

Thanks, Rob
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  1. A bit unclear. If your utility says signal strength is good your associated to an AP. Are you trying to add an AP with a different SSID from another network? What exactly are you trying to do? If you have any signal strength on the utility, much less good, then your pretty much there in terms of the client seeing the AP. You mighgt not be getting an IP. WEP, MAC filtering or other security measure but the AP/Client link looks like its already done.
  2. I'm trying to set up an ad-hoc network, i.e. on without an Access Point. I believe I have to "create" a wireless network for the cards to use, as explained at the link I gave. I did use this method successfully one before but I can't remember what I did now! When I do add a wireless network in the "preferrred networks" section, last time it also appeared in the "available networks" section, but this time it won't, that's the main problem really

    Thanks for your reply, Rob
  3. Sorry, never tried using Ad Hoc with the windows utility. Does your card(s) come with a utility that will allow you to change settings. Frankly the ZP Zero Wireless Config software is a joke. I am not suprised. It looks like it should be very straight forward. Put the SSID in the proper place and choose Ad Hoc. The only other thing you HAVE to do is make sure the clients are all on the same frequency base (channel). You could always go get the RC Service Pack 2 since it looks like your using XP. I have it on 3 of my machines in the house without any problems. All wireless clients with SP2. The wireless software in SP2 is much better.
  4. I'm a newbee to wirless network as well. I'm trying to share my files and printer with 2 other PCs. I current have Zone Alarm installed and Norton Antivirus and running on XP. I followed the Home and Office network settings, but failed to succeed. I have DSL with Wireless Netgear as a router. What do I need to do?
  5. Failed to exceed? Not exactly a full plate to work with. Elaborate ALOT about what you've tried so far, installing troubleshooting etc... and perhaps I/we can give you some decent advice or things to try. Read the manual yet? Follow it? Pinging? yada yada yada
  6. Been there done that. I used to have a wired network and shared my printer and files with no problems at all. But with wireless network, I couldn't get my computer to talk/see the other computers. I set my D drive to share then went into "My network places" and click on the "set up a small home or office network" and follow the instructions. I did the same thing with the other computer next room. I gave it a workgroup name, green. When I click on the "green" workgroup I can only see my own pc, not the other. Ok..let's say from step one, what do I need to do to share files and printer? Sorry if I sound dumb here. Thanks for your pantient.
  7. can you step by step SLOWLY explain what you would like to have and what equipment/software you have installed on what OS besides XP! too many words do not make a poem without putting them in the right order.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  8. NOTE: If you have the newest version of ZoneAlarm (5.x) be advised that you cannot have your gateway system in 'Stealth' mode (High security setting) and have anyone try to connect to the Internet by using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). According to Zone Labs, IT WON'T WORK. You have to set security to Medium.

    That's just a thought...

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  9. This is what I have installed beside XP..Zone Alarm 4 Pro, wireless netgear software, Norton Antivirus Pro 4, using Yahoo SBC browser and Symantec Ghost. That's about it.
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