Is it normal for the max multiplier when loading web pages?

I have noticed when loading some web pages, such as Tom's, the multiplier changes briefly to the max multiplier for a second, then back down the the base multi.

Is this normal?
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  1. Probably Turbo Boost fiddling around with your CPU.
  2. Yes it's normal.
  3. Thanks
  4. I take it the power saving modes c3 and c6 also regulate the Vcore under load playing games etc. as well?

    My VCore has an offset of +0.05 to enable a 4.5GHz overclock.

    LLC is off.

    In max load of prime or IBT its about 1.296V.

    But in games of varying load it goes down to about 1.25 - 1.312 normally. occasional spike i have seen about 1.344/ [ 1.352/1.36 also but have only seen this happen twice for a second].

    I take it this is the c3 and c6 states working?
  5. So it should not be causing that much Vdroop when playing games? Could this be harmful?
  6. Is your llc on extreme? Please answer my questions when I ask them. You seem to be mixing up llc, every compnay uses a different terminology, asus on extreme is the same as asrock level 1 (reducing vdroop), msi disabled can be the same as asus enabled so it's important to know your mobo. At 4.5ghz there's really no reason to go past medium so you can keep the vcore lower.

    Vdroop is a good thing until it makes your OC unstable as you want the lowest vcore you can get til it's unstable. I'm sure what you are seeing is just the voltage being regulated to meet your load. But I've never seen the voltage going higher in a game than prime. What other settings have you changed?
  7. Sorry i thought you meant as a recommendation to put LLC on extreme.

    No LLC is on regular, 0%.

    I think it is only dropping in voltage that much like 1.24 etc in certain games, skyrim and emulated games through dolphin.

    Checking Arma 2 its 1.296 - 1.312 and BF3 is 1.288 - 1.344 usually.
  8. I was told before that BF3 etc was using less load than prime. And with LLC off it causes less Vdroop and as a result the Vcore is slightly higher as BF3 is less demanding than prime or IBT.
  9. Scratch that llc off less vdroop, just with less load.
  10. Normal is the setting with the most vdroop and vdroop is a drop in voltage at load. You didn't answer my question again. And what program are you using to monitor vcore?
  11. Ok settings:

    Bios Settings:

    AI OC Tuner: Manual
    BLCK: 100
    Turbo: By all cores 45
    Internal PLL Oervolt: Disabled
    Memfreq: 1600MHz
    EPU Power Saving: Disabled

    Load Line Calibration: Regular
    VRM: Manual @350
    Phase Control: Extreme
    Duty Control: Extreme
    CPU Current: 100%

    CPU Voltage 1.224 - 1.232
    Offset Mode: + 0.05

    DRAM: 1.5V
    VCSSA: 0.925 [AUTO]
    VCCIO: 1.056 -65 [AUTO]
    CPU PLL: 1.793 [AUTO]
    PCH Voltage: 1.05 [AUTO]
    CPU Spread Spectrum: [Auto]

    The reason the offset is higher than it could be is to stop the idle BSOD with c3/c6 enabled.
  12. And aida64 cpuid and cpuz
  13. Try changing the vrm to auto. Everything else is what I usually see. It's weird that your vcore is going that low. My offset is -.05 and never goes below .9 at idle, 1.3v at load and hardly fluctuates.
  14. Yea my offset gets as low as .768 sometimes, and generally fluctuates between low .8 and high .9 at idle.

    I'll put the VRM at auto and get back to you.
  15. with offset my idle sorry cant type
  16. You're anal enough to check cpu frequency and power states in real time and you aren't aware that the cpu ramping up is no big deal at all?
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