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Building new gaming computer (high-ish end)

Last response: in Systems
September 6, 2009 1:24:24 PM

Hi all, I'm building a new computer. And advice on my planned setup as well as some ans to questions i have are greatly appreciated. To get to the point, here goes:

Purchase date: within the month (Sept/Oct 09)

Purpose: Mostly gaming.

Overclocking: maybe


Okay here is my setup:

Processor: Core i5 750 - Asus P7P55D
Cooling system: Prolimatech Megashadow
Graphics Card: HD 5870
Power Supply: Corsair HX750
Hard drive: Any 1 TB Harddrive
Samsung 23" LCD monitor
2GB DDR3 Ram (times 2 or times 3)

Does this look like a balanced system?

Some things I worry about is:
1) Will the Graphics card have heat issues? I heard that Radeon cards tend to run hot.
2) Are the graphics card and processor balanced? Would'nt want one of them to be the weakesk link.

Mind you, I'm trying to keep everything in this price range. Can't really afford core i7 or a GTX 295 right now. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
September 6, 2009 1:30:27 PM

I don't think you should run into any heating issues. Make sure to buy a big case with lots of fans. Antec 1200 is a good example.

Looks good so far. Remember when selecting a motherboard make sure it supports crossfire just in case you want to add another 5870. Oh ya make sure its pcei 2.0 x16 the next gen cards might benefit from it.

September 6, 2009 1:48:53 PM

Is CoolMaster CM690 big and "airy" enough of a casing as well?

I probably will not buy another 5870 for crossfire. but yeah i agree, better to leave that option open.
September 6, 2009 3:51:47 PM

Yup that case should work fine.