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I had an arctic freezer 7 for ages, then swapped it for a standard fan that comes with the intel chip, and OMG the temps jumped to 50+ degrees at idle. Anyway swapped em back and they're back down low again.

Isn't it facinating how good these coolers are?

Now I want to know if there is a better cooler that would bring down my temps more?

That article freezer 7 seems a bit big, as I can't get RAM in the first slot
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  1. The ACF7P, when it first came out, was one of best bargains around. It is still a pretty good cooler. I'd say that it is just as good as the original Zalman 9500. (I have one of those too).

    The current best deal in coolers is the Hiper 212+ - if it will fit in your case.

    The problem with the Intel coolers is that, although they kept the same design, the heatsinks have gotten smaller. The heatsinks that came with the 45 nm CPU's are half the size of the 65 nm heatsinks. The heatsinks for the 32 nm CPU's are about 2/3's the size of the 45 nm heatsinks.

    That means that even in a good case the 32 nm heatsinks little more than barely adequate for stock speeds.
  2. Thanks again :D

    I see what u mean about the heatsinks now. I never realised size made such a drastic change in temps, it's amazing to observe. That Hiper 212+ will hopefully fit in my case, it's an antec 300. Do you think it will make much difference?

    Intel coolers, the one thing they are good for, is the replacement clips!
  3. I recently bought the freezer 7 for my phenom x955BE, i have my fan blowing towards my VGA. And as i expected my GPU memory heat, is now around 65degrees idle and goes up to about 72 on load (HD4890). I just ordered 2 extra 120mm fans hopefully it will cooldown a bit, i'm using a antec 300 case.

    Any tips to make my airflow/temps better ?
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