I Need a PC Case that has a HDD hot-swap rack for a Client.

I build PC's for Clients and this particular, picky, client wants a PC case that's will allow at least 4 hot-swappable HDD's with a price tag of $200 or less intended for Gaming and his home based Video Editing biz and he wants something clean and to keep the overall price down. I have some cases but they are Huge case made for workstations and servers and very expensive. The only cases I can find online are $230+ Lian Li's. Are there any other PC case manufacturers out there, Cooler master, raidmax, silverstone, apevia, that make such a case?
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  1. Antec 1200, ThermalRight Armor case both have lots of room for removable drive holders.
  2. Silverstone Raven RV01 can hot-swap all 6 drive bays if you buy the adapter. Corsair Obsidian has a 4-bay one in the front. Zalman MS1000 can be hot-swappable with bits.

    Generally cases with hot-swap bays are premium products and you pay for it.

    It's probably easier to just get a good case and buy in internal hot swap bays and put them in yourself.

    Something like maybe?
  3. Addonics have a large selection of such products:

    My favorite, as far as overall design beauty is concerned,
    is Icy Dock e.g.:

    If you're inclined to buy 2.5" HDDs instead, we bought two of these
    X14's from Enhance Tech, in anticipation of adding SATA/6G SSDs
    when they become available:

    This is a second-generation product for Enhance Tech,
    and the refinements really show. They also have a variety
    of well designed hot-swappable backplanes for 3.5" HDDs e.g.:

    Just search for "Enhance Technology" at Newegg for photos and specs:

  4. Maybe of interest to people looking for the same type of solution:
    This apparently allows installation of 4 2.5inch SATA2 drives into
    a single 5.25inch bay.
    The price is good, the storage/size ratio sounds awesome, but it
    seems that these allow only SATA2 and not SATA3 transfer speeds.
    Although they have active cooling, the fact that drives are close
    together may mean that this solution is more prone to overheating
    than others. Note that I do not own one of these, so cannot speak
    from experience.
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