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Greetings! New to these forums so first things first, Hi! glad to be here.

I've recently purchased 2*2GB KIT 2000MHZ Corsair Dominator memory, wich is currently running at .. well i'll let this pictures do the talking:

As you can see the max bandwidth says "PC3-10700H(667MHZ)". I'm (quite) sure this should be a tad higher.

I'm quite sure the ratings should be 8-8-8-24 but the ones i presented to you are actually how they were supplied.

Additional info:
Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate.
Motherboard : ASUS P6T Delux V2 X58
Processor : I7 E920@2600MHZ (stock speed+fan atm)
Memory :4GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator PC3-16000

Any help would be greatly appreciated :]
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  1. DDR3 2000 is not a jadec standard, and thus you have to configure it manually in the bios. in the bios, you should find a selection for xmp values. select xmp-2000 and you will get your rated speeds. (though, in all honesty, anything past 1333 (aka 667mhz= pc3 10700= what you have now) really wont improve anything as is. you would have been better off just getting a 6GB kit instead for use of the triple channel support that your i7 920 has
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