Supreme Commander Dual Screen Flicker

I apologize for the cross post. I had originally posted this in the games section, but I think it makes more sense in the GPU section.


Just for the fun of it I thought I’d try out the dual monitor option in Supreme Commander. The main screen works fine, but the second screen flickers badly. It almost looks like the refresh rate is wrong..

The second screen works fine in windows (XP32)

Note, I’m running crossfire, with both monitors connected to the same card.

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  1. 2x HD4870 512Mb(Crossfire) ? What resolutions
  2. pluke the 2 said:
    2x HD4870 512Mb(Crossfire) ? What resolutions

    Main screen is 1920x1200 and second screen is 1600x1200, both at 60Hz
  3. Quote:
    I have not tried 2 screens but using the dual view in one screen takes a hit, perhaps that is a reason.

    What happen if you run both screen at the same resolution, say 12 x 10?

    Yep, I'm expecting it to take a bit of hit, but as a RTS it shouldn't be to noticeable.

    It's not slowdown though. Ever send a 70Hz signal to a 60 or 65Hz display? The second screen looks a little like that, really bad screen tearing.

    I'll try them both at the same res. using 16x12 on both screens, see if that makes any difference.
  4. ive had a similar problem with screen flickering on my dual 22" 1680x1050 conected to a hd4870. the second screen would flicker whenever i scrolled with the mouse wheel on word or a web browser. reinstalling the graphics drivers seemed to have fixed my problem. hope this helps out! :)
  5. After reinstalling, and navigating through the obnoxious SupComm patch process, and checking different resolutions as I go, I've discovered the following:
    1. The second screen flickers regardless of the resolution combination I use on either screen.
    2. The second screen flickers regardless of the version number I try

    Anyone any ideas?
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