9600 ocx - BFG gts 250 OC ?

My 9600 OCX runs pretty hot (60C idle, 80++ on load) and i was wondering if it would be worth getting the BFG gts 250 oc (512mb) Also are they both about the same size? Im a few milimeters away from my toucing my wireless card D:.

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  1. did it always run that hot ? pull it out and give it a clean
  2. Yep always, although i do remember it being about 50-60 on IDLE now its never below 60. Cleaned case out yesterday, nothing has changed. Also my 19" widescreen is a bit fuzy (maybe its cause im use to a 17" fullscreen?) and i was thinking of getting a HDMI cable would that change nething?

  3. maybe a little i dont see the diff on mine

    try installing a fan in the front of the case if u havent got 1 there already, what i did was move it to the inside of the case right nexted to the gpu took 7 points of my temp.

    when u cleaned out the case did u get all 3 fan areas, psu, cpu, gpu?
  4. Yep, cleaned all the fans, maybe I should just take advantage of the life time waranty and issue an RMA? Unless all 9600 ocx's run hot.
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    80+ really isn't terribly hot, especially if it's on auto fan. If the card has a 4-wire fan and not running full RPM, you should be able to manually increase the fan speed through software. I understand wanting to keep it a lower temp, but if that's the only's not a bad one.

    As far as the "fuzzy" screen, are you running the LCD at it's native resolution?
  6. rma ftw !
    i rma'ed my 8600gt 3 times
    n its off for d 4th time now ! lol jus gave it tomorrow
    it gets overheating problems mostly !
  7. Point of view GTS 250 runs 39°C on idle. At top throttle it runs on 60°-70°C. But you have to know the case is well ventilated.
  8. I got it at 100% while gaming and that keeps it below 90C, as for the LCD its at its native resolution (19" widescreen asus)

    since winter is coming I guess I have a good heating source? :D
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