Low Benchmarks After Upgrade To Q9550 from E6750 Windows 7


Today I upgraded from a E6750 to a Q9550. I also upgraded 2 gb gskill 800 4 cas to 4 gb ocz 800 5 cas.
In Passmark CPU mark is only 2021
With my E6750 I would score almost 1800,

Here is my specs.

Biostar TP43D2a7
OCZ gold 800 5cas 4gb
600w Ultra psu
250 WD blue 250 gb 8mb l2 (3 yrs old...)
Antec 900

Can my old ass Hard drive or shotty psu (stable volts in everest) be the issue?

I havent tweaked the ram or cpu yet, but 2000 in passmark cpu mark seems VEry low.
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  1. You went from a 2.66 MHz CPU to a 2.93 MHz CPU. I may be wrong, but I see nothing wrong with the benchmark results. Adding cores doesn't necessarily improve the scores, but it allows you to run more tasks simultaneously.
  2. Whats your 3DM06 default run CPU score, the Q9550 starts to really shine at 3.4G and beyond.
  3. Just ran 3dmark06 and,
    3DMark Score
    12670 3DMarks
    SM 2.0 Score
    SM 3.0 Score
    CPU Score

    This seems low....
    Though it is still stock....
  4. My stock Q9550 CPU score running 3DM06 default settings was 4,110.

    The difference being you are running DDR2 800 and I was running at the time of the test DDR3 1600.

    The CPU score increases as you overclock to higher clock speeds, so running DDR2 memory and not OC'd your score looks normal to me.

    Are you planning on OCing your 9550?

    Clocked where you are your machine should be performing very nice, are you experiencing any problems besides dissatisfaction with benchmark scores, how is it handling games and such as that?
  5. Consult this CPU benchmark chart:
  6. I do plan on overclocking eventually,
    but don't see a need right now.

    I amagine I could easily get 3.4 for daily use with little voltage increase.

    I'm not having any problems,
    Memtest86 (dos version) did 2 passes np.
    Prime95 passed 4 hours easy.
    im getting 47c max temp on core 1, the others seem to be 3c lower. (maybe the paste didn't get it entirely.... I use small amounts...)
    This is with my modded zalman cooler.

    It is running nice as well,
    but I was concerned because I was expecting a passmark cpu mark in the 4000 range. But I only scored 2000'ish.
    My old 6750 @3.4 would rock close to 1800

    From your 3dmark06 scores though It seems that the cpu is performing just fine.....

    Maybe it's an OS re-install or new hdd that will fix passmark score.......

    Any thoughts?
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  8. Reinstalling the OS won't really help, unless you already installed an anti-virus, etc. For benchmarks, you should disable anything that isn't absolutely necessary.
  9. I bought 2x WD7501AALS WD Black 750gbs
    I plan on partitioning them in halfs and running a dynamic disk raid 1 and 0 setup.
    I might keep my 250 If I cant find a replacement key for windows 7 rc.....
    Should I be concerned about my 600w psu by Ultra...?
    Newegg recomends 640w for a 3x drive setup like mine.
  10. According to Antec's PSU calculator, your system overclocked to 4 GHz requires 428W. Therefore a Ultra 600W should be enough. Newegg's recommendation is based on cheaper PSUs that often are overrated.
  11. it's an old Ultra 600, from like 3 years ago....
    not the new uber nice ultra 600
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  13. While it ain't a tier 1 PSU, it should be fine. As I stated before, your system overclocked to 4 GHz requires 428W. If you really want to overclock, do it in steps and back-out when the system no longer is stable or it runs too hot. Stable for me means no system crash at all. If a system crashes one a month, then it isn't stable.
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