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I dont seem to be seeing any difference in terms of the performance between standard SATA and RAID 0. why is this? have I set it up correctly?

I have 2x2TB HDD and the RAID striped configured in Windows (but is on the intel RAID controller). This is just data storage/installing programs on.

transferring an 8GB file to it from an SSD disk takes around 2 minutes. This is the same if I transfer it to another SATA HDD which is not in a RAID configuration.
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  1. It should be faster when transferring to the SSD, but this isn't the best way to test its performance. You should use benchmarks like HD Tune.

    Did you configure the RAID in Windows because your motherboard doesn't include a RAID controller?
  2. no my friend. the motherboard DOES include a RAID controller. it has 2 actually. an intel and a marvell which is 6GB/s. it is connected on the intel controller. The reason I had to configure it in Windows was because it picked it up and then I converted it into GPT then created a stripe volume. (even though I had set it up using the Intel matrix utility onboard.

    I did notice that eventually it was transferring at around 250MB/s between itself when copying and pasting a large set of files in different locations.

    what should i use in terms of the benchmark?
  3. HD Tune is good, but you already know that 250 MB/s is twice as fast as a single hard disk.
  4. true however, want to make sure that it was not a one off thing :)
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