HELP! Laptop doesn't see HDDs after BSOD

Hi, guys.

I have a Dell Vostro V13 with Kingston SSD (V 100 G2 64 Gb). Today at work I was doing some programming when my laptop froze and I got a BSOD. After that my attempts to start it result in the following error:

For Realtek RTL8110S/8169S Gigabit Ethernet Controller v1.01 (030820)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

I have messed around with BIOS configs, took the laptop apart, did a shaman dance in front of it :bounce:, but nothing helped. I have managed to figure out the following:

1) The error is doe to the laptop trying to connect to network, since all other boot options (HDD, USB, CD) are not working (it is when nothing is connected).

2) I swapped HDDs and none of them worked in the laptop, but all worked on the other PC, so it is the error with the laptop.

3) I have never dropped it or anything, so I am pretty sure it is a software error.

4) When I try to reinstall Windows 7, it sees no drives and suggests to install HDD drivers. I don't know what driver that should be. I tried AHCI driver from Dell's page, but Windows 7 ignores it. Most likely this is the solution. But I need you advice regarding the drivers and how to install them.

I have also tried flashing BIOS with newer version (A5 instead of A2), by starting a special .exe file from under DOS or RIP Linux booted from flash drive, but have failed, since I have absolutely no clue about either of them and they were not as intuitive as I expected.

I have to work on Monday again, therefore really hope you could help me out with my laptop. Sending it to Dell's support is not really an option, since I bought it the other country.
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  1. did you try to reset the bios to default settings? You could try removing the ethernet controller and see if it will boot up.
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