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I am getting ready to build a new rig for my office. I plan on working off an i7 base. I was wondering what the best set up would be to be able to run 6-8 displays as a trading station. I also would like the ability to just use one screen for gaming. What are the best card options for this setup. How many cards?
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  1. 2 5870s(3 per card)
  2. originaly i was thinking of maybe 3-4 of the hd4600 series cards to get your 6-8 displays...

    but since you want to do some gaming i dont know if you might run into driver issues if you run say a hd4800 card and 2-3 hd4600s.
  3. +1 ubernoobie. Or wait for the S.E. Eyefinity series that has 6 outputs per card.
  4. That set up was probably done with more then 1 computer networked and sporting specialty cards from martox or something

    does eyefinity supports ,more then 4 desktops ATI diagrams only show up to 4 desktops the last 2 monitors just span over other desktops so ionno if that an issue.
    two of these in a computer can easily do 8 monitors and wouldn't require a display port monitor, adaptors or other *** that eyefinity would use up
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