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i want to rebuild my pc so it can run world of warcraft at maxed settings all I want to do is replace the mboard cpu & ram. My internet connection is 10 1/2 meg's but I dont know what to get as they are coming out with a new expansion pack with new minimum requirements in July, but I wanta system that runs everything on maximum and still have more to spare.Curently I am getting 13 frames per second, and I was told with the setup I currently have that I should be getting 65 to 85 FPS.Current specs: MB: Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4, Phenom 2 quad core CPU, 8 GB Memory OCZ Gold, 2 Sparkle GTS 250 Video cards in SLI mode. 1200 watt Power supply.
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  1. With your current system, you should be hitting at least 80 FPS constant. My specs are: 3800+ X2 AM2, 3GB DDR2, and a 7900GS and I got 25-40FPS on max settings when leveling. It wasn't playable on those settings in raids/cities, but it was fine for everything else. You should check quite a few things, because with a PC that amazing, rebuilding, especially for a 5+ year old game seems like a poor idea. Check drivers, video card settings, temperatures, CPU/memory usage when playing, etc., the basics.
  2. your comp should easily be getting 80 fps...your rig is definite overkill for WoW...there has to be some other culprit here...most likely video card drivers....have you tried any other video games besides WoW? how do they perform?
  3. I agree with the others: That rig should slaughter WoW, even at very high resolutions.
    First, check your system processes and run a virus scan-from Safe Mode if your AV software will permit, perhaps something is taking up a lot of processor time, slowing down this CPU hungry game.
    Try running with less memory, not all motherboard like large memory populations and if you are using 4X2 sticks this might be part of the problem-drop to 2X2 or 1x4 for a start.
    I would also suggest you update ALL your drivers: motherboard, sound and video. Take care to fully uninstall the current drivers (try Driversweeper to finish the job but use it in Safe Mode) before installing the new ones. While you are at it, take a few minuets to update DX, this must be done manually as Windows does not do this automatically and corrupt files can cause problems as well.
    If you know how, check for BIOS updates for the motherboard but DO NOT attempt to do this unless you are sure how to proceed: Get it wrong and you may find the only way out is to replace it-not everyone can, or will, sort out a failed BIOS flash.
  4. thank you all i did get all the new drivers & that made the fps go up verry little i took out 2 sticks of ram & that helped a little bit but not as much as i would like
    is there anything elce i can try??
  5. i'm up to 25 fps as long as i'm not in a city or raid
    i have 3 lvl 80's & a lvl 66 & i'm on Draka

    could it be vista 64 that dont like the game?
  6. ummm....maybe try taking out one video card and see how the performance is with just one...maybe the game just doesnt like sli (not sure)....have u tried any other game besides WoW?
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