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Hello I currently have win 7 installed on a 32gb vertex with my storage directed to my Hdd (f3). I had pointed all the "my music", "my videos" etc to the hdd via "properties" and location , the standard way at least I thought. The "Users" file in the C: drive (which is the ssd) is ridiculously big now - 14gb - but why is it so big if everything was pointed to the hdd?
I have a feeling that I have made a noob error in setup - when i go into the users folder I can only see "fruees" and "public" - "fruees" is 14gb - I go into "fruees" and all I can see is "desktop" which is tiny (a few kb i think).

can enyone help my out because my ssd has about 2mb of space left

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  1. anyone have an idea?
  2. I would set you folder options to see hidden folders. My guess is your temp folders are there and have a lot of info.

    Have you checked to see how big your system restore setting is? I've seen it set to 100% before and it keeps filling up space. I would look through this article for other ways to free up space...,2911.html
  3. Thanks tecmo34 - I did just that (don't know why I didn't think of it before) and found that it was my iphone backup folder that was causing the main problem - it was 12.3gb!!!

    Apparently the iphone backup folder defaults straight to the C drive, even if you put your itunes library on another drive. Loads of other apple crap gets stored on the C drive too which is annoying.

    Anyway, I fixed the problem using this link:

    Thanks for the help and I hope this helps anyone else with a small SSD boot drive
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