Is my CPU overheating?

Hi guys, this is my first time posting
I have a HP Pavillion Dv7 2018TX running on Intel Duo core P8700 at idle around 80C (using EVEREST). Just wondering is this normal for a laptop temperature. I have my HDD and 1 of the ram fix under warranteed last week. Probably due to overheat. This probelm start when I installed Windows7 using the HP Upgrade discs. Does running on 7 have any effect on increased temperature? My laptop's factory OS is Vista. Any help would be kindly appreciated.
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  1. 80°C..u use this machine for coking? way too much,even for a full load. This is a next future dead laptop on this temps. U better call warranty for a check-up on this machine. And windows 7 it wont effect the increase of the temperature,i run win 7 on my Asus laptop with no problems,i was having problems under Vista. U have installed all the drivers ...right? And maybe a clean fresh install is more adequate. My machine under vista was running with 70-72°C Core temps under load, now 50-52 °C. A T 7500 core duo Cetrino processor with a lame cooling unit. Nothing new on a laptop. If warranty service won't help u, just fry the dam toaster,RMA and get a new one,or a new,replaced, mainboard on it.Anyway,do it on time.And i think is not a bad idea to buy a laptop cooler. Try first with the drivers,make a check-up with some benchmark software like SiSoft Sandra lite,for a system check-up and hardware check-up 1by 1, sometimes u get good "advice" from this tools...or fresh clean install of the OS. If doesn't help, go to professionals...Good Luck.
  2. like technuttso said, it's very dangerous if u stays at that high temp...
    it must be something's wrong with your laptop.
  3. yes. 80C to high for a cpu. (certainly on idle) 70C is as high as you would want it to go.

    What i suspect is that the Manufacture did something with the HSF (like removing it and placing back on the cpu), didn't clean the thermal paste off, and didn't put new thermal paste on.

    If you were to do that on a desktop cpu of taking off the HSF, placing it back on without cleaning off the thermal paste of and put new thermal paste on. You would see a major jump in temps.
  4. Thanks for all your comment guys. I have installed all the drivers of the HP website. I have email the tech support team about this probelm and waiting for their advice. In the mean time i will try installed the checkup software. Oh I forgot to mention that i just did a clean OS installed two days ago.
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