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Hi, looking at replacing a noisy horizontally mounted case fan at the bottom of my case - does anyone know if the noctua nf r8 80mm fan can be placed horizontally?

I've currently got a Sharkoon Silent eagle fan there, but its bearing doesn't like being horizontal and so makes a loud rubbing noise. So I'm looking at putting a Noctua there and moving the Sharkoon somewhere else. My case only has mountings for 80mm fans, hence the reason for not gettting a larger fan.

Thanks heaps :)
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  1. I would suspect any fan would be fine. Every once in a while a fan will have bearing noise when placed in a certain orientation. Think of this as the dead pixel of fans. With me, this even happened with a high end Thermalright fan.
  2. There are a variety of fans out there and some have ceramic bearings and others have hydro dynamic bearings and still others have fluid bearings , the thing is to get one that has ELQ (everlasting quiet) bearings. This is a 92mm fan so all you have to do is drill a couple of holes and pop it in.

    If you are not into drilling then you can try this NFB (nanoflux bearing) fan.
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